Penetration Testing

A powerful testing practice targeted to analyze how breaches could enable unauthorized access to resources; be they the systems, data, network or the applications has to be Penetration Testing. Also called Pen Testing, it simulates scenarios to determine security risks to valuable assets providing guidelines to vulnerabilities and threats and weak defenses within the system. This test itself dons the hat of an outsider and finds its way into the system, exactly as an unauthorized accessor would.

Focused to provide security across the extended networks, Penetration tests keep a check on security measures right from the On-Premise Enterprise Systems to the Enterprise Mobility solutions and their devices and networks, various websites and web based solutions, right up to the Cloud.

Penetration Testing Process

Penetration testing follows a step by step process to commence and conclude the tests.


  • Data collection to avail the details of the system to be tested
  • Assessing the vulnerabilities and weak links in the system
  • Launching the attack on the system and penetrating it
  • Reporting the findings during the attacks and corrective measures