Application Security

Application Security

Application Security is a conscious effort to integrate methods to enforce security requirements of an application right at the time of the development of code. Application Security bridges the gaps between the demands of safety and the realities of the system being produced during the system development life cycle.


Application Security then is all about comprehending the threats to the resources of the software and incorporating security as an integral part of the application itself.


After Web Application security, Mobile Application security takes a front seat today for all safety related concerns. The threats are posed by mobile devices accessing the systems as well as the downloadable applications available for mobile devices. Unchecked access to resources of mobile devices mean serious perils if malware makes way into the systems.


Contemporary application security architecture takes charge of the security of resources, networks and data of different types of applications; traditional on premise, web-based or mobile applications. These are swift, exhaustive and comprehensive security solutions to recognize disclosure levels and offer necessary actions to reduce the attacks and its risks. They foresee potential attacks of the future and devise preventive policies as an amalgamation of hardware, software and technical processes.

Services for Application Security

  • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Enterprise Solutions
    • Web Applications
    • Mobile Applications


  • Threat modeling


  • Security Auditing


  • Periodic Security Reviews


  • Security Policy Design and Updates


  • Application Security Program Management
    • Testing
    • Reporting
    • Structuring Policies

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