Auditing & Assessment

Auditing, recognized as a generalized term, plays a significant role in multiple fraternities. For information technology, it is an assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure, processes and operations and of course the software developed itself.


Auditing undertakes examination of the physical security controls, business flow controls as well as the integrated software system binding all of these. Annual audits chalk out a security guideline and put forward the security objectives very clearly. With involvement of correct workforce and hiring of competent auditors, the safety of the software system and the underlying risks are predicted correctly in the audit reports.


Since systems move from being on premise to the fields and now to the Cloud, sources of breaches increase in numbers and sophistication. It then is imperative that Enterprises have a well-planned approach to auditing the systems ensuring the well-being of all the software involved, starting with something as basic as Auditing the Source Code, to API testing and also assessing the awareness amongst the workforce using Social Engineering assessment tools.