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  • Auditing & Assessment

    Auditing & Assessment

    Auditing, recognized as a generalized term, plays a significant role in multiple fraternities. For information technology, it is an assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure, processes and operations and of course the software developed itself.

  • Penetrating Testing

    Penetrating Testing

    Pen Testing simulates scenarios to determine security risks to valuable assets providing guidelines to vulnerabilities and threats and weak defenses within the system.

  • Compliance


    Security and Compliance go hand in hand to complement each other. Compliance is a guideline to how to meet industry specific security standards by regulatory bodies like PCI, ISO27001, HIPPA, FISMA, NERC, FERC and many more.

  • Security as a Service

    Security as a Service

    Due to the highly-integrated nature of enterprise applications, the design of security must provide an efficient and effective structure that supports integrity, accuracy, and availability of information without any misuse.

  • Customized ERP Solutions

    Customized ERP Solutions

    Customization is one of the most controversial topics surrounding ERP software/Solutions. A majority of our clients have every intention of leveraging vanilla, off-the-shelf software during their software selection process.


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