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Secure Source Code Auditing

Secure Source Code Auditing is an all-inclusive analysis and structured review of the source code in order to identify security vulnerabilities, errors or violations of safety rules. It ensures that the code contains efficient and appropriate security controls and also the software systems being developed are self-defending for the expected and unexpected. We offer our specialized services in secure source audit for web applications and the related systems.


Security code reviews are generally a good mix of human acumen and technology support. A security expert using the various analysis tools available, reconfirms the safety of the systems. While tools are best at assessing large amounts of code and conducting repetitive exercises, it takes a person to verify and determine the correctness of the test results. Reviewers during Secure Source Code Audits assess the significant blind spots which automated tools simply cannot point towards.


Proficiency and comfort in use of the available tools is a critical success factor for the formation of an extensive auditing methodology, giving useful and relevant audit results. Good Security tests increase the efficiency of the systems, reducing costs incurred in firefighting later and increasing the RoIs.


A general rule of thumb is that a penetration test following a Code Audit should not be able to discover any additional application vulnerabilities.

The primary goal of Auditing is to achieve a comprehensive security code audit to authenticate resource and asset behavior thoroughly for Machines, Operating Systems & APIs and we remain focused on these for web applications.

Services for Secure Source Code Auditing

Source Code Assessment

Existing Code, New Code

Execution Errors Assessment

Vulnerabilities Identifications

During Input Capture & Generation of Outputs

System Access Audits

Authentications, Verifications

Communications Safety Checks

Security Libraries Verification

Cryptographic Routines, Third Party

Audit Reports & Trails

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